Thursday, June 26, 2014

So Much Has Happened!!!♥♡♥.......

Life Can Be Incredible!!! It is hard to imagine all the heartache that I have been though as of late. Just very difficult, just wanting My Dear Mommy here with me to go through these. I know that she has been right here with me, through everything & has felt my sorrow @ the way that I have been treated! But being here in Spirit, it is not the same!! I Just Miss Here Deeply in April it will be 2 Years!!

I Love You Beautiful Mommy!!! 
You Are Forever "My Girl"!!!
(Sparkle Forever Mommy)

My Daddy almost returned to Heaven to be with Mommy! But Heavenly Father told him that his time was not yet for him to return. But that His Mission would be to help me get my health to a point that I would be okay & then he would return home Mission Accomplished!!

Post Surgery Notes.......

I have not shared on here since we lost our "Little Buddy"! Boy how we miss him.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Goodbye For Now.....

Today has been the hardest of days! Letting my Baby Boy be put to sleep! Emotions are very strong because we were very close.

You came into my life when you needed me most and when I needed you the most.
You were a healer to my spirit and dried my many tears. Just wishing that you could dry the tears that now are flowing! I enjoy all the time that we have spent together, since that day that you came into my life on November 3, 2006. What a ride it has been. He was the child that we could never have because we were barren in this life & have to wait til' the next as was our mission for the two of us. The house is quiet & I am missing the times I had with my boy! But I know that it was his time to return to our Heavenly Father, having completed all he was sent here to do in his "sphere" and that was to "Love & to Be Loved!!" He accomplished that completely! And here to show you the complete love he had for Chris is a cherished memory.

Having a Nap With My Grandma....

Birthday Cake! I want a Piece....
 I Love to Snuggle With My Daddy....

We Love You Sunshine!!
See You Next Time.....
Only 9 days til' My Surgery!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Day at Last...................

Yesterday July 16th brought Daddy, Chrissy & I (Lizzie) such Happiness!! Happy Day!! Daddy was released from LDS Wound Care!! We have waited many months for that to take place & for that to take place was Very Exciting!! He got to ring the Completion of Treatment Bell, sure wish I would have gotten the picture of that! But here is the picture as we were waiting for the nice valet to go get our Suv. Love You Daddy!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Case of the Blah Blah................

Today has been kind of a blah blah day!  Haven't really felt like doing much of anything.  It was a bad night with the Oxygen Concentrator it was not working properly & therefore I was not getting the Oxygen that I needed to be well rested! I stayed in my nightgown. Just no get up & go! It just got up & went today!! 

It will get better, it will just take some time.  I just hope that they approve my surgery so that by the time we go to Arizona that I will be looking much better & feeling great!

Taking each day as it comes, and know that my Heavenly Father--My Savior--My Mommy--My Grandpa & Many More are looking out for me on the other side of the veil & through this most important test I will succeed!
Talk to You Soon!!!

Day #3
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From My Heart
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Sabbath.......

Today is the Sabbath & if circumstances were different then they are, you would find the three of us attending our church meeting together. Daddy, Chrissy & Me. I wish with all my little girl heart that I could join with them, but my health hasn't allowed me to do it! I get so winded just going a few feet, because of my A-Fib. Though lately it has been acting more like Heart Failure like my Mommy had before she passed away last year.

That is why I need to get the weight off to lessen the symptoms, I will still have mine, because my is hereditary. It will just be greatly lessened. 

Today, I just have been in a reflecting mood & wondering about how my life is going & where I need to be.  Thinking about the surgery hoping it is soon so that I can finally breath again! Sing in a Choir again. The reason I stopped going to my ward choir in 2011 was because I couldn't breath & it was so difficult just to catch my breath. 

Also to Return to Church!

I was told in a recent blessing that Heavenly Father could take this trial from but that he would not.  There has to be a lesson that he wants me to learn and this is the only way that I can learn it! I will do my very best Heavenly Father!

The biggest problem now is the shortness of breath & water retention, but those are working together---making it uber difficult for me! My legs & knees have swollen to probably 2X there size, so sometimes, I have to use a cane! This too shall pass! Can hardly move around, it has to get better doesn't! It will!

Please Family & Dear Sweet Friends share your love, your kind & caring thoughts over my long journey! I will need to get through this incredible hill!  And to my Heavenly Angels especially my sweet Mommy--Thanks for watching over me!
I Love You Forever!! Sparkle Forever  Mommy!

The only Heart Attack I want to see if 
the Love You Share With Me & Each Other!! 

Hugs & Kisses!!

Day #2
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From My Heart
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Heart Beat Away.........

I guess that you can say at this point in my life that I am one heart beat away from joining my sweet Mommy in Heaven.
My heart is barely even functioning along with my lungs. Some days when it is particularly bad, I stop & think Heavenly Father & Mommy & My Savior, I can't do this anymore, I am at my lowest low. They pick me up & we move forward together! I know that without the 3 of them, I would not have the strength to keep going! This is my blog to share my journey with you. With the inability to breath, I have not been able to exercise & thus put on massive amounts of weight since my Mommy died & my health failed! So I am starting a program called Eat & Be Lean by Dana Thornock & her Sister-in-law. Dana unfortunately died from a tissue attacking disease in 2005, but this worked for me in the '90's so I am going to do this again & need some moral support & if anyone would like to join me you can the website is: There is a book on there that you can look at if you would like to they actually have a pdf on there of the whole book but I purchased the book & cds & was going to see if my sisters & my sweet Mom would like to do it with me. It is not a quick fix & it will take a lot of very hard work, but will be worth it in the end! Some have said not to tell how I am feeling health wise (illness, etc.) but I really feel that this will be beneficial to me in the end! Please don 't think any less of me for the Number that I am going to tell you on the is hard for me to reveal but I want you to see from where I stand today & where I can go with My Father in Heaven's Help & From my Mommy on the other side of the Veil! Cheering me on!  We are still waiting for my Surgery to be approved from DMBA.  
(Guys you can stop reading for a few lines...) 
It will be a Mammaplasty----in other words it is a breast reduction surgery, medically necessary because the heart & lungs are being suffocated. Dr. Rockwell says that he thought that it would not be a problem to have them sign off on the surgery. only we are going to have to convince ziggy not to climb! after surgery!

We figure with the Doctors that being able to breath, I could then excercise thus being able to lose the weight! And I wouldn't have gotten this ball rolling except for my sweet sis Kari! Thanks so much! I know that I will feel so much better! I Love You Sis!
That is my New Doctor (Dr. Bradford  Rockwell MD) that will perform the surgery @ the U! And I will be staying Overnight for observation. Love the Bowtie! ;-)

The moment that we have been waiting for.......not really!!!
This photo was taken at My Daddy's 88th Birthday Party!!
                                        February 9, 2013
 Starting Weight (Tuesday @ Dr. Rockwell): 436
   Yikes!!! And So the Journey Begins.....

                             **Day 1**
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