Thursday, June 26, 2014

So Much Has Happened!!!♥♡♥.......

Life Can Be Incredible!!! It is hard to imagine all the heartache that I have been though as of late. Just very difficult, just wanting My Dear Mommy here with me to go through these. I know that she has been right here with me, through everything & has felt my sorrow @ the way that I have been treated! But being here in Spirit, it is not the same!! I Just Miss Here Deeply in April it will be 2 Years!!

I Love You Beautiful Mommy!!! 
You Are Forever "My Girl"!!!
(Sparkle Forever Mommy)

My Daddy almost returned to Heaven to be with Mommy! But Heavenly Father told him that his time was not yet for him to return. But that His Mission would be to help me get my health to a point that I would be okay & then he would return home Mission Accomplished!!

Post Surgery Notes.......

I have not shared on here since we lost our "Little Buddy"! Boy how we miss him.