Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Sabbath.......

Today is the Sabbath & if circumstances were different then they are, you would find the three of us attending our church meeting together. Daddy, Chrissy & Me. I wish with all my little girl heart that I could join with them, but my health hasn't allowed me to do it! I get so winded just going a few feet, because of my A-Fib. Though lately it has been acting more like Heart Failure like my Mommy had before she passed away last year.

That is why I need to get the weight off to lessen the symptoms, I will still have mine, because my is hereditary. It will just be greatly lessened. 

Today, I just have been in a reflecting mood & wondering about how my life is going & where I need to be.  Thinking about the surgery hoping it is soon so that I can finally breath again! Sing in a Choir again. The reason I stopped going to my ward choir in 2011 was because I couldn't breath & it was so difficult just to catch my breath. 

Also to Return to Church!

I was told in a recent blessing that Heavenly Father could take this trial from but that he would not.  There has to be a lesson that he wants me to learn and this is the only way that I can learn it! I will do my very best Heavenly Father!

The biggest problem now is the shortness of breath & water retention, but those are working together---making it uber difficult for me! My legs & knees have swollen to probably 2X there size, so sometimes, I have to use a cane! This too shall pass! Can hardly move around, it has to get better doesn't! It will!

Please Family & Dear Sweet Friends share your love, your kind & caring thoughts over my long journey! I will need to get through this incredible hill!  And to my Heavenly Angels especially my sweet Mommy--Thanks for watching over me!
I Love You Forever!! Sparkle Forever  Mommy!

The only Heart Attack I want to see if 
the Love You Share With Me & Each Other!! 

Hugs & Kisses!!

Day #2
Tune in tomorrow for another installment of
From My Heart
on Heart to Heart From Me!

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  1. Love you, cousin. So interesting that we both struggle from heart conditions inherited from the sides of the family we are not connected on! Maybe we can get together soon!